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Current Catalog on CD with bonus material. Request with any order at no additional shipping charges, or send $3.00 for USPS first class shipping of this free catalog - reduced from standard $12.00 S&H fee for any item. Catalog formats included are PDF, MS Word, and HTML. Bonus materials on this disc include some genealogical clip art, special fonts, floral bitmaps ready to use for wallpaper, screen savers and themes. EGC/CD-$FREE

Abbreviations & Acronyms, A Guide for Family Historians, by Kip Sperry. 8½x11", softbound book, 196 pages. AD975-$16.95

Becoming an Accredited Genealogist (Plus 100 Tips to Ensure Your Success), by Karen Clifford, AG. 8½x11", softbound book, 242 pages. AD955-$19.00

Finding and Using African American Newspapers, by Timothy N. Pinnick, 2008Finding and Using African American Newspapers, by Timothy N. Pinnick, 2008. 5.5x8.5", 74 pages, softbound book, ISBN 0-944619-85-1/978-0-944619-85-8. Finally a book has come along that addresses the difficult topic of African American newspaper research. Are there actually black newspapers out there? How does a researcher locate them? Is there much in them, aside from obituaries? This title demystifies the process of locating African American newspapers and provides researchers with a plethora of tips and strategies on how to track down those genealogically rich social columns. Are African American newspapers worth the time and effort? The answer is a resounding - YES! | Click here for more about the author and his other books. | NGS 2008 press release. AD2186SB-$12.00 Currently IN STOCK/HB-$25.00 (Special Order)

Tracing Your Ancestors in The National ArchivesTracing Your Ancestors in The National Archives (United Kingdom), by Amanda Bevan, 2006. 576 pages, 6x9.5", softbound book. The new edition of the essential family history title: the only exhaustive guide to The National Archives’ holdings. This unrivalled guide offers a unique, authoritative way to explore past lives. Clear and accessible, it is suitable for researchers on all levels, showing how to discover real lives and voices from the documents they left behind. It illuminates all aspects of holdings at The National Archives and the Family Records Centre (closed March 2008), from cutting-edge technology to the oldest manuscripts, censuses and service records to inquests and wills. Tracing your Ancestors fully explains the records and the institution, and how to make the most effective use of both. This seventh edition is fully revised to offer best-ever value and the most recent developments and releases. AD2380-$34.00 Currently IN STOCK

The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, by The Board for Certification of Genealogists. 8½x11", softbound book, 126 pages, indexed, includes examples. AD028-$19.00

Tracing Your Catholic Ancestors, by Michael GandyTracing Your Catholic Ancestors, by Michael Gandy, 2001. 64 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. AD2381-$5.00 Currently IN STOCK

U. S. Catholic Sources, A Diocesan Research Guide for Family Historians, compiled by Virginia Humling. 8½x11", softbound book, 120 pages. AD954-$15.00

Your Guide To Cemetery Research, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, softbound book, 164 pages, indexed. AD727-$19.00

Your Guide to the Federal Census for genealogists, researchers, and family historians, by Kathleen W. Hinkley. 8½x11", softbound book, 276 pages, indexed, includes information on 1930 census. AD8023-$21.00

Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records, by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Matthew WrightFinding Answers in U.S. Census Records, by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Matthew Wright. 176 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using U.S. Census records, in particular those of the federal census. Aimed at the general family history audience, this book is especially useful for the beginning to intermediate researcher. Along with a description of the history and structure of the federal census there is a guide to each decennial census to help you examine all of the extensive data contained on these most valuable records. In addition, you will find three appendixes offering a description of major census data providers, major state and national archives with census collections, and specially designed census extraction forms. This book also includes a complete index. AD2371-$17.00 Currently IN STOCK

Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian, by Elizabeth Shown MillsEvidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, hardbound book, 124 pages, indexed. AD047-$16.00

Expanding Horizions: Colonization and Westward Movement, by Cook - Deluxe Hardbound book cover

COLONIZATION - Expanding Horizons Early Colonization and Westward Movement, by Fredrea Gregath Cook, 1984. 8½x11", hardbound book, 98 pages, ISBN: 978-0-944619-47-6, maps prepared from a genealogical standpoint. Developed as a college text for genealogy students covering early settlement through westward settlement of the United States to the Pacific. G515HB-$26.00

COLONIZATION - Expanding Horizons Early Colonization and Westward Movement, by Fredrea Gregath Cook, 1984. 8½x11", softbound book, see above. G515SB-$21.00

Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary, compiled by Maurine & Glen Harris. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 256 pages. AD967-$14.95 

Genealogical Research in England's Public Record Office (PRO): A guide to North Americans, 2nd ed., by Judith Prowse Reid and Simon Fowler. hardbound book, ISBN 0-8063-1632-2. AD856-$22.00

Your English Ancestry A Guide for North Americans, by Sherry Irvine. 5½x8½", softbound book, 262 pages. AD977-$19.00

In Search of Your European Roots: A Complete Guide To Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe, by Agnus Baxter, softbound book. AD038-$19.00

Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Second Edition, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 2010 reprint. 886 pages, 8.5x11", hardbound book. Following its enthusiastic reception in 2007, we are pleased to announce a new edition of what is now the definitive guide to the citation and analysis of historical sources, a guide so thorough that it leaves nothing to chance, whether you want a podcast or a census record. The new second edition of Evidence Explained includes updates to numerous websites, new models for electronic sources such as blogs and online forums, and new model citations to traditional and non-traditional genealogical sources, thus continuing its role as the single-most comprehensive style manual for genealogical writing and publishing. AD2400-$60.00Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Second Edition, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 2010 reprint. 886 pages, 8.5x11", hardbound book. Following its enthusiastic reception in 2007, we are pleased to announce a new edition of what is now the definitive guide to the citation and analysis of historical sources, a guide so thorough that it leaves nothing to chance, whether you want a podcast or a census record. The new second edition of Evidence Explained includes updates to numerous websites, new models for electronic sources such as blogs and online forums, and new model citations to traditional and non-traditional genealogical sources, thus continuing its role as the single-most comprehensive style manual for genealogical writing and publishing. AD2400-$60.00

Your Guide to the FAMILY History Library, by Paula S. and James W. Warren, 2001. 8½x11", softbound book, 272 pages. Information on maximizing your travel time to Salt Lake City LDS Library, Local Stake Libraries: Family History Centers as well as online. AD1013-$19.00

The Hidden Half of the Family A Sourcebook for Women's (Female) Genealogy, by Christina Kassabian Schaeffer. 8½x11", softbound book, 210 pages. AD871-$40.00

Unlocking Your Genetic History, A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Family's Medical and Generic Heritage, by Thomas H. Shawker, M.D., 2004. 7¼x9¼", 318 pages, Softbound book, includes bibliography, glossary, diagrams/examples, indexed - Book Six in the National Genealogical Society Guides Series. Shows how to discover genetic predispositions to specific diseases, confirm ancestral connections through genetic testing, and understand DNA breakthroughs reported in today's headlines. A fascinating and personally significant resource for what it tells you about your medical history (hereditary components and knowing the propensity toward disease as a guide to preventive treatment and action) and genealogy (DNA testing as alternate evidence to add to your genealogical research for clues to ethnic origin). AD1012-$19.00

Understanding Colonial Handwriting, by Harriet Stryker-Rodda, 2002. softbound book, 26 pages, ISBN 0-8063-1153-3. Author developed simple technique for reading colonial handwriting. Includes examples of colonial letter forms and script. AD951-$6.00 More Handwriting

The Family HEIRLOOM Record Book, by Carl D. Clarke, Jr., ©1995. Full sized 3-ring binder, archival paper (acid free, 25% cotton rag). Offers suggestions and tips for recording family heirlooms as well as 50 ready to use fill in the blank data sheets to record family history, value, size, markings, etc. Ideal for recording furniture, china, jewelry, paintings, special collections. Binder includes inside pockets, handy for appraisals, receipts and related papers. G8070-$14.00 Additional packs of forms available by special order.

An Introduction to Heraldry, by W. H. St. John Hope, 2001. Approx. 5½x8", softbound book (republication of A Grammar of English Heraldry), 114 pages. includes index, bibliography, glossary. AD896-$6.00 Currently IN STOCK

Heraldic Design Its Origins, Ancient Forms, and Modern Usage with over 500 Illustrations, by Hubert Allcock, 2003. 8½x11, softbound book, 96 pages, Includes bibliography, glossary, indexed. AD855-$10.00

IMAGES For The Future A guide to the selection & preservation of photographic & electronic images for personal archives, by Peter C. Amsden, ARPS ABIPP, ©2000, ISBN 0953501922. 5½x8", softbound book, 48 pages, signed by author. AD1034-$10.00 Currently IN STOCK

They Became Americans, Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins (Immigrant), by Loretto Dennis Szucs. 8½x11", softbound book, 300 pages. AD963-$19.00

They Came In Ships, A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record, by John P. Colletta, Ph.D. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 180 pages. AD969-$14.95  Currently IN STOCK

Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by David S. OuimetteFinding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by David S. Ouimette. 186 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. The ultimate resource to help you learn if the luck of the Irish is in your blood or not. This easy-to-use guide will teach you to make use of the many Irish family history records that have become available in recent years. Explore the best family history sources in Ireland, including birth, marriage, and death records; church records; census records; and much more. AD612-$15.00

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, by John GrenhamTracing Your Irish Ancestors, by John Grenham, 2006. 6x9", 550 pages, softbound book. Arguably the best book ever written on Irish genealogy. Not since Margaret Falley's Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research, written in the early 1960s, has there been a book that combines all the best features of a textbook and a reference book, expertly describing the various steps in the research process while at the same time providing an indispensable body of source materials for immediate use. With its step-by-step instructions in the location and use of genealogical records, its discussion of civil records of birth, marriage, and death, along with land records and wills, and its list of Roman Catholic parish records and county source lists, it is easily the most useful book in Irish genealogy. Now, updated to reflect the enormous changes brought about by the Internet, the new Third Edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors marks another huge step forward in Irish genealogy. Most importantly, a chapter has been added that deals specifically with the Internet, while a new online subsection showing county Internet sources has been added to each of the county source lists and, where possible, references have been given throughout for any online versions of the records dealt with. In addition, in this new Third Edition the Roman Catholic parish maps have been completely revised and redrawn, a guide to variant parish names has been supplied, and the reference section has been greatly enlarged. AD2403-$35.00

Finding Your Italian Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by Suzanne Russo AdamsFinding Your Italian Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by Suzanne Russo Adams, AG. 202 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. For millions of Americans, home means Italy, where their roots started years ago. In Finding Your Italian Ancestors, you'll discover the tools you need to trace your ancestors back to the homeland. Learn how and where to find records in the United States and Italy, get practical advice on deciphering those hard-to-read documents, and explore valuable online resources. The guide also includes maps, multiple glossaries, and an extensive bibliography. AD613-$20.00 Currently IN STOCK

Finding Italian Roots, by John Philip Colletta, 2008 reprint. 206 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. Thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded Second Edition provides up-to-date information about accessing and interpreting the vast universe of materials available for tracking Italian ancestors and recording their stories for future generations. It contains more state and local sources, more point-by-point explanations, more step-by-step instructions, more "insider" hints and helps, more illustrations, more specific examples, plus an expanded glossary and annotated bibliography, and numerous Internet websites in both English and Italian--all brought vividly to life through the colorful stories of real Italian and Italian-American ancestors. Whether you are just beginning your investigations or have been doing genealogy for years, this guide will help maximize your investment of time, effort, and money. AD2402-$17.00

Kinship It's All Relative, by Jackie Smith Arnold. 5½x8½", 124 pages, softbound book. Kinship is actually an commonly overlooked basic genealogy tool. This book should clear up all confusion about the often overlooked skill of understanding kinship - agnate and cognate, collateral and fictive - connections of orphans, foundlings, foster children and adoptions - the works! Do you understand the difference between a great-aunt & a greataunt? What are double first cousins? Do you know degree of blood relationship, or consanguinity, between yourself & your first cousin(s), between third cousins & second cousins once removed? What are removes anyway? AD1011-$10.00

wholesale price eligible other formats available by special orderLAND OWNERSHIP - Chronology of Ownership of Land in America (1607-1862) & Calendar of American Was and Campaigns (1622-2004), by Gregath Company, Inc. 5½x8½", softbound book, 20 pages. Ideal research tool for comparing areas of locale, versus eras of time. When used with census records, it reveals possible clues to further research. G525-$5.00

Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip, by Anne Ross Balhuizen. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 112 pages. AD964-$10.00

The MEDICAL Professions and Their Archives, by Peter C. Amsden, ARPS ABIPP, ©1999, ISBN 0953501914. 5½x8", softbound book, 52 pages, signed by author. British Research, centered on the UK - includes section on comparison with US medicine, archive listing, bibliography, brief history, etc. AD1033-$10.00 Currently IN STOCK

What's in a Name? Everything You Wanted to Know, by Leonard R. N. Ashley, 1989 Revised. 266 pages, 8½x11", softbound book. AD780-$18.00

Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States, by Christina Kassabian Schaefer. Approx. 6x9", hardbound book. AD980-$30.00

Your Life and Times, Howe to put a life story on tape - an oral history handbook, by Stephen and Julia Arthur, 1997. softbound book, 56 pages, ISBN 0-8063-1194-0. AD944-$8.00 Currently IN STOCK

The Organized Family Historian, by Ann Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, 2004. 7¼x9¼”, 300 pages, softbound book, includes CD (Mac & PC files) of forms and worksheets, glossary, examples, documents, and photos (including screenshots), indexed - Book Five in the National Genealogical Society Guides Series. How to file, manage and protect your genealogical research and heirlooms. Begins with how to get started, proceeding to the organizing and even includes a small section on the publication of your organized work. AD803-$19.00

Beyond Pedigrees, Organizing and Enhancing your Work, by Beverly DeLong Whitaker. 8½x11", softbound book, 106 pages. AD973-$12.00

Organizing Your Family History Search, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack. 8½x11", softbound book, 154 pages - Efficient and effective ways to gather and protect your genealogical research. AD8044-$12.00

other formats available by special orderPERSONAL Estate Planner, from Gregath Company, Inc., updated and reset 2000. 60 Pages, this attractive 3 ring note book is has a gold foil embossed front cover. Full of forms to follow and fill out, you can be sure all the information your estate needs will be in the right place when needed. A nice way to keep all your estate information up to date and in one place. G542-$26.00 | Also available on disk.

Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs, by Karen Frich-Ripley. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 190 pages. AD971-$17.95

A Preservation Guide, Saving the Past & the Present for the Future, by Barbara Sagraves. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 48 pages. AD965-$7.00

Our Quaker Ancestors Finding Them in Quaker Records, by Ellen Berry and David Berry, 1987. Our Quaker Ancestors Finding Them in Quaker Records136 pages, 5½x8½", softbound book. This book sets out to acquaint the researcher with various types of Quaker records available to researchers, where they are located, along with proper and effective use of those records with guidance through the pyramidal "meeting" structure to vital records of as well as disownment, and removal awaiting the researchers in repositories across the country. AD787-$20.00

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The Directory of North American RAILROADS, by Tapis, Inc. This directory will bring the rail community and its holdings to your fingertips; it makes a nice travel companion; and an incredible reference book. Each listing is arranged alphabetically with a state/province index in the back of the book to help locate collections. AD8043-$24.95

Scottish Ancestry: Research Methods for Family Historians, by Sherry Irvine. 5½x8½", 264 pages, softbound book. AD981-$19.00

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry, by Kathleen B. CoryTracing Your Scottish Ancestry, by Kathleen B. Cory, 6x9", 278 pages, softbound book. Revised and updated by Leslie Hodgson, this 3rd edition of Kathleen Cory's Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry is the most informative guide to Scottish ancestry ever to come on the market. Packed with information and advice on basic research techniques, it focuses on the holdings of the two principal Scottish record repositories-New Register House and the National Archives of Scotland (formerly the Scottish Record Office). With records of births, marriages, and deaths, census returns, and Old Parish Registers found at the first-named location, and wills, testaments, deeds, and church records at the other, the author leads you on a thorough search of genealogical sources. New subjects covered in the 3rd edition include the reorganization of local archives, the digitization and accessibility of old records, and the use of local history in genealogy. There are also chapters on family names, clans and tartans, heraldry, and record repositories outside of Edinburgh. In addition, there are six appendices covering such topics as Internet access to Scottish records, useful addresses, and lists of parishes, counties, and commissariots. Profusely illustrated with maps, forms, documents, and charts, the book ends with a not-to-be-missed tutorial on drawing up a family tree. AD982-$22.00

Scottish Local History: An Introductory Guide, by David Moudy, softbound book. AD983-$18.00

Scottish Tartans in Full Color, by James Grant, 1992. Oversized, softbound book, 73 plates with introduction, etc. AD838-$17.00

Social Networking for Genealogists, by Drew SmithSocial Networking for Genealogists, by Drew Smith, 2009. 130 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. This book describes the wide array of social networking services that are now available online and highlights how these services can be used by genealogists to share information, photos, and videos with family, friends, and other researchers. Each chapter guides you through a unique category of social networking services using genealogy-related examples. From blogs and wikis to Facebook and Second Life, author Drew Smith shows you how to incorporate these powerful new tools into your family history research. AD2401-$19.00 Currently IN STOCK

The People Called Shakers, by Edward Deming Andrews, Orig. 1953. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 366 pages, new author's notes, illustrations, appendixes, indexed. AD915-$11.00

Made Possible by...Succeeding with Sponsorship, by Patricia Martin, 2004. 8½x11", softbound, 156 pages, includes index, references, glossary, worksheets, etc. A guide for nonprofits. AD865-$30.00 Currently IN STOCK

US Post Offices in 1876, softbound book. AD693-$13.00

US Post Offices in 1893, softbound book. AD694-$15.00

For other reference books see General, Military Records, Native American Records and Electronic Media Sections.

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